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Non-bank short-term loans via the Internet. Fees, commissions, costs related to non-bank loans. The activity of loan companies via the Internet makes it easier to borrow money from the non-banking sector. Where can short-term non-bank loans be found and what factors affect the cost of such a loan? Especially the so-called “Payday Loan.” These are usually Continue Reading

Payday loan with temporary employment contract: the conditions!

Yes, they do. But it is still possible to get loans. Here just the credit conditions have to fit the circumstances. If this is not the case, there are other alternatives to qualify for medium or long-term loans. But why does an employment contract affect creditworthiness? All facts about the guidebook “Loans on a fixed-term Continue Reading

Instant payday loan

A loan is generally about lending money. Today, banks lend money to individuals, entrepreneurs and companies. Both natural and legal persons under private law can apply for and receive a loan. For lending, the customer has access to branch banks, savings banks, direct banks and also online banks. Branch banks and savings banks are characterized Continue Reading